About us

L Thong Huot Telecom Co., Ltd (LTH), established in 2005, is the leading phone distributor in Lao PDR. Starting up in a nascent market industry, LTH was founded with a unique vision to create lasting value and make true difference in the lives of Lao people.

Over the years, LTH was successful in acquiring valuable knowledge of intricacies of the Lao market and subsequently developed a resourceful portfolio of strategies tailored to local needs and expectations. LTH built a reputation as the leading phone distributor through the reliability and authenticity of its products, bringing to the market now recognized brands such as Nokia, Samsung and Apple.

In 2015, LTH opened its first multi-brand store, LTH Store. This store was designed to be a one-stop service for anyone in need of any type of electronics (home appliances) and mobile phone. We carry a large variety of products and brands such as Faber (a well-known brand from Malaysia known for its design and affordability), Philips, Gree, Electrolux and many more.

“ We aim to become a leader in various industry in Lao PDR and
to expand our values and services nationwide in the medium-term future. ”

Our missions are to establish multiple successful working partnerships with international and local corporations in order to provide customers with the best products and services, and to create lasting value and make a true difference in the lives of our customers through our outstanding provision and customer service.